Harmful Effects of Mobile Phone Use

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Mobile phones have revolutionized and transformed our way of living. It has made our communication with people very fast and has made our day-to-day activities like banking, shopping and learning accessible through our fingertips.

Apart from all the benefits, concerns regarding privacy and our health shall be well considered while using mobile phones. 

Our phone contains many sensitive information’s, which are very likely to be hacked or misused if we are not dealing with it properly. 

Also, there are many health hazards which can arise due to improper use of mobile phones like:

1. Exposure to radiations: Mobile phones emit Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields which can have health hazards on prolonged exposure. 

While purchasing a new mobile phone it’s SAR value (Specific Absorption Rate, which is the rate at which the body absorbs radiofrequency energy from a mobile phone) shall be considered. 

The highest limit of SAR is different in different regions of the world. In Europe the limit is 2.0W/kg averaged over 10 grams of tissue1 for the body and in USA2 and India3 the SAR limit is 1.6 watts/Kg . 

 The SAR value of our mobile phone can be checked from the website of our mobile phone brands and also through Settings>About Phone>Legal information option in our phone. 

2. Eye issues: Gazing on mobile phone screen for prolonged period can cause strain in eyes, dryness, blurred vision and headache (commonly known as computer vision syndrome).  

Taking regular breaks and maintaining proper distance from screen can minimize its effect. 

3. Neck and back pain: Holding our head in a downward position mostly while using mobile phones, can cause strain on our neck, shoulder and back.  

Maintaining a good posture and using accessories which eases hold and view of mobile phones can reduce posture related strains. 

4. Disturbed sleep: The blue light emitted by mobile phone screens can interfere with the secretion of melatonin in the body, which is very useful in producing good sleep

Using apps which reduces blue light emission can resolve this problem. 

5. Increased stress: Attending calls, constant messaging, following social media updates and notifications or expecting any message or call can increase stress and anxiety levels. Many social media post creates an unnecessary feeling of insecurity and low esteem, which can lead to depression. 

Try to reduce use of social media apps and use it judiciously. 

6. Germ’s transfer: It sounds strange, but our mobile phones harbour a lot of germs on its screen and body due to frequent handling and exposure to different surfaces.  

Try to use disinfecting wipes regularly to clean mobile screen and body. 

7. Driving Hazards: Use of mobile phones while driving distract our concentration and mood, which can be fatal while driving. 

Park your car safely on roadside and then attend only important calls. 

Mobile phones are an inseparable part of our modern life. But it is very important for all of us to use it in a correct way.

We should avoid long calls on mobile phone, use hands free wherever possible, try to keep it far from the body as much as possible, perceive social media posts in a positive way.

Likewise, we can enjoy benefits and avoid being a victim of the hazardous effect of the mobile phone. 


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