Tips to remain Healthy in Rainy Season

Image Credits: Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric from Pexels

Rains are often loved and welcomed by many people as it shows us a refreshing face of nature. The bright green cover around us enthralls our mind and we often go out to enjoy it. 

Though rains are exciting, it always increases the chances of infection by bacteria, parasites and other micro organisms. 

To remain healthy and enjoy during rainy season, we must follow some common tips and practices: 

Eat healthy and nutritious food: Green leafy vegetables, fruits and protein rich balanced diet helps in providing nutrients to maintain immunity in our body. 

Take Vitamin C and other supplements: Multivitamin supplements containing Vit. C, E, D, zinc and selenium helps in boosting up and maintenance of healthy Immune system in our body to fight against microbial infections. 

Stay hydrated: Drinking adequate amount of water is very necessary to keep our body hydrated. Hydration enhances immune function and response, removes toxins from the body and maintains body temperature. 

Drinking hot soups and beverages: Drinking hot soups (chicken, tomato) provides soothing and moisturizing effect to throat and upper respiratory tract. Some herbal teas like Chamomile, ginger support immune system with their antimicrobial properties. 

Hand hygiene: Micro organism can be found on any surface, touching our hands on such surface can carry those microbes in our body through hands while eating. Washing hands regularly with soap or using Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer can prevent this. 

Wear ironed clothes: Moisture in air during rains can favor growth of molds in our clothes, kept in cupboards. Ironing can help in eliminating any such molds and make clothes fresh and dry. 

Drink clean water: Rain water makes our reservoirs receive dirty and contaminated water from catchment areas which make the existing water also dirty. Filter the water and boil it properly before drinking as it may contain many harmful pathogens. 

Avoid street foods: During rainy season it’s good to avoid street and outside food, which can cause food poisoning and stomach infections if not cooked properly. 

Sleep properly: Taking proper sleep keeps you fresh and immune system active to remain healthy. 

Protection from Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes often breed in stagnant water during rains. Install mosquito nets on windows and doors, applying repellant creams and using mosquito spray and electric coils can prevent mosquitoes. 

Also, it necessary to keep our surroundings clean to prevent mosquitoes. 

Wear full sleeves and breathable clothes: Full sleeve shirts and full pants help keeping body warm and prevent mosquito bites on hand and legs. 

Also, wear good breathable clothes which provides good aeration to dry our skin and clothes quickly 

Vaccination: Having an influenza vaccine every year before rainy season can be very useful in preventing microbial infections related to upper and lower respiratory tract. 

Follow these precautions and advice to enjoy your rainy season to the fullest while remaining healthy. We all shall follow the rule that “Prevention is better than cure.” 

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